Insuring HVAC Contractors

Complete the simple 12 question application below for liability, property and workers compensation insurance proposals.

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Confirm your business meets the eligibility requirements (see below).  Then complete the Online Application (below).

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Coverages You Need

We offer all insurance products needed by HVAC contractors, including:  Liability, Property, Workers' Compensation, Equipment, Business Auto, Bonds & more.


Low Premiums

We represent top national and regional insurance carriers that target HVAC contractors.  That means you can expect low premiums and comprehensive coverages.

Customized Online Portal

Provides your business with the resources to run your own safety management program.  Comprehensive OSHA compliance and filing tools.  Suite of HR tools and resources.  Community forum and much more.  Learn more, click below.

The Resource Portal

Fast Service / Sound Advice

When you need an immediate certificate of insurance, or review of a complicated contract.   You can count on us for fast  service and professional advice.

Our Experience

We have been protecting contractors for over 30 years.  We know how to negotiate the lowest premiums and find the best coverages.  If you do have a claim, we make sure you are handled and compensated fairly.

Online Application

Covers General Liability, Property & Workers' Compensation

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First Choice Insurance Agency

Eligibility Requirements

SAVE TIME - please confirm your center meets these guidelines before completing the application.

Unacceptable Operations

  • General contractor
  • > 50% work on new construction projects including multi-unit (20 or more) residential condos, town houses, trac home/housing
  • Work involving any asbestos/lead/mold abatement, remediation, pollution clean up or environmental services
  • Handyman operations
  • Demolition services
  • Infrastructure work such as utilities, highways, bridges, dams
  • Millwrighting - install, service, repair machinery or boilers in industrial settings


About Us


 We are a leading insurance and consulting agency providing a wide variety of insurance related products to businesses and individuals. As an independent insurance agency we have the ability to work with several insurance carriers in order to craft an insurance product that is unique to your requirements.  

Our Team leader

Jeffrey G. Cassedy


Jeff has over 30 years of insurance and risk management experience.

Licensed Insurance Agent, Multiple Lines, Multiple States

Licensed Insurance Consultant

Licensed Public Adjuster

Accredited Adviser in Insurance

Certified Insurance Counselor

Certified Risk Manager


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